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About ArthaYantra - Top 35 Fin-Tech Company in Asia

ArthaYantra is an Online Personal Finance company with a vision to make unbiased and high quality financial advice accessible to working professionals at affordable rates. It replaces the need of a traditional human advisor who spends days along with multiple visits to create customized advice. One can create a financial plan, implement recommendations, and monitor performance on ArthaYantra's online platform- Arthos. In Nov 2013, ArthaYantra was shortlisted among Top 35 Fin-Tech companies in Asia. We help individuals take holistic and merit based financial decisions to invest in right financial instruments and achieve their life goals. With 69,000 families using Arthos across 600+ locations in India & abroad, ArthaYantra is India's largest Online Personal Finance Advisor.

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  • Most times when I saved money, I could not relate to the impact that savings would have on my future. At Arthayantra, I was able to prioritize my future goals, save for them and also assess my performance on each goal

    Tarun Manchanda

    31 Years, Hyderabad

    ArthaYantra’s online advisory platform is simple, reliable and easy to access from any place to manage my personal finance. With their hassle free investment process there was remarkable increase in my investable surplus within no time. Regular review and rebalance of my portfolio is an added advantage.

    Kumar Sanjay

    40 Years, Delhi
  • Based on my current financial state, future goals and risk appetite Arthayantra provided me with a impressive custom portfolio with exposure to multiple asset classes. They also helped me save additional 10% every month. Their prompt & responsive client servicing further increased my admiration for what Arthayantra is doing for the working professional

    Harshad Pithadiya

    35 Years, Hyderabad

    My busy life style never allowed me to assess where I stood financially. When I took ArthaYantra’s help, I realized that I can do much better than what I was doing. Now am investing 57.14% of my take home salary through ArthaYantra. Did not imagine that this kind of service possible for a working class professional.

    Venkat Adabala

    32 Years, Vizag
  • As a youngster who joined his first job and just started earning, it was important for me to plan my finances at an early stage of my life. ArthaYantra helped me to set clear financial goals for myself. They also helped me to optimize my budgets and increase the investible money I have.

    Nipun Kanade

    23 Years, Indore

    My scope of managing personal finance was broadened with the qualitative suggestions by ArthaYantra. The way I perceived to save money for future has changed with the knowledge shared by ArthaYantra up on investing into multiple asset classes.

    Jimi Bhatt

    36 Years, Hyderabad